Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eating for comfort

The weather is still chilly and I have been having too much hot choclate. What is it with the change in weather and thinking that you can change your diet? I do not ever try to diet, but I do believe in eating healthy and making yourself feel good by being healthy. Well, if you are not feeling great, do you still eat healthy to try to make yourself feel better? Does food still taste the same even when you do not enjoy it?

I hear all the time about eating for comfort and I think I understand what that means now. Does anybody else eat for comfort and is it okay to do?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adjusting to the weather

Well, I live in Florida and for all intent and purposes, we have great weather. So why is it that it is 70 degrees, sunny and I am still inside typing away? Good weather should be enjoyed right? Does it help improve your mood? Not sure about that. The change of weather to me means allergies, asthma and just being cold. But besides that, I am not in the best of mood today and just feel like I should be because it is so nice out.

So help me out, does good weather help your mood?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Career Changes

Well, they say that you change careers 7 times in your life. I thought I found mine, but I am learning each day that you do not need to just have one career. I have been using my resources and learning all that I can in order to have as many careers as possible. Why settle for one? Who wants to settle anyways? Why should we feel bad when we get bored at work and want something different? Society tells us we should be bored and that is just life, well no way for me. I want to keep exploring different careers and somehow combine all of them into one. Who knows, it might work, sounds good anyways right???

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting help without asking

Well, it is offical, life is back to normal this week. The trip is over and we are both back at work. I have never been on a vaction for 2 weeks before and i now know why people get so excited for a vacation. I did not realize how stressed out I was until I was able to relax for a week or two.

I have this thing inside of me, the "I am fine" button that I can always convince myself that I am okay. Well, I am not always okay and that was apparant with how my stress has come out. I know that when life gets us down, we sometimes say, WHY ME? I wish I had a good answer for that one. Life gives us what we can handle, but for me sometimes it sure gives me a lot.

I am thankful, grateful and all those other things that I can handle my days, but if left to myself, I think I would screw up all the time. It is nice to have someone watching over me and telling me what I am doing wrong because clearly I do not alway see it. I now have someone that is right there helping me EVEN when i do not want his help and I appreciate that more than anyone can ever know.

Not sure where I am going with this, but if anyone knows anything about making mistakes by themselves then that can be a start.