Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The best

Still struggling with the idea of moving forward in my life. I thought about going to therapy because therapy works so well for the people that I see, but I cannot seem to make myself do it. I am so good and making others feel good about themselves, but I somehow do not think that the same concept applies to me. Silly me. I just cannot seem to accept when my fiance calls me "the best". He is the best and tells me that I am, not sure how two people can be the best. My family jokes around with me about how great he is, and he is, he is my rock and my rockstar, my bestfriend, you get the point. I just want to be the best person for him, myself and my upcoming family. Life is what you make it and I am determined to make it the best.


Matt Lagrotte said...

You are the best! Why do you keep saying these things? Need me to start listing all of the many reasons you are the best?? I can, you know.

Paul S. Baxt MD said...

I think that therapy can often be helpful