Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I cannot believe it is finally here. We have been planning and waiting for this for 9 months. As my finance says, "We could have had a baby in that time." So far, I am calm and I hope I stay that way. I am really looking forward to this and nothing is going to ruin my day because I am trying to stay realistic.

I guess I have had some upsets along the way, but I refuse to think of them like that. They are just bumbs in the road. Once again, I realized last night how fortunate I am to be marrying my man. We had to decide on which room to stay in for our wedding night. Well, he laid out the three options and we were able to come to a conclusion quickly that we both agreed upon. Does everybody make decisions that easily together? We seem to make hard decisions easily and I am so fortunate for that.

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